mcu meme: [2/3] objects

↳ mjolnir
Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR.


❝ queenofdale asked: I really love all of the James McAvoy you put on my dashboard. ♥

❝ delightfuleer asked: Hello! I'm sorry for borthering you but I have a question that doesn't make me sleep well. (?) Why many people say "Tuesgay" or well, tuesday and relationate this word with McFassy? Thanks in advance.~

During the XMFC press tour, James made a comment about how he found Michael’s character attractive “a little bit” “on Tuesdays.” The fandom took it and ran with it.

❝ Anonymous asked: ok but top 3 mcavoy pics im trying to bring my friend to the Scottish side i need reinforcements

I had to give this some thought but I AM READY

❝ Anonymous asked: Hey, I started following you not so long ago but i wanted to say that I really love your blog and I'm also a huge fan of X-men and love basically all your content :)

❝ Anonymous asked: this is a slightly random question. but why do you like james so much?

ok slightly more serious answer:

Well nonners, I think he’s hilarious, hotter than the sun, genuine, a sweetheart, he’s basically everything I find attractive about a man. 

❝ arcticmornkeys asked: why is james mcavoy so gorgeous?

one of life’s greatest mysteries 

Define worse…

❝ Anonymous asked: clean-shaven james or scruffy james? :3

ooooooooh I like my james with a little scruff. I imagine it’d be pleasantly ticklish. 

He was Russia’s ultimate weapon. But that’s all he was. A weapon.

"I can do a sideways moonwalk." — Michael Fassbender [>]

There’s something extra special about a recommended blog that pops up, with one of your reposted gifs no less! Thank you for that.