Yes, lets go fight magneto. in my metal wheelchair, via my metal airship, with my metal wolverine to protect me. i see no way this could ever go wrong.


We are groot.


Charles meets Frank.

There’s one other name you might know me by… S t a r   L o r d . 

"Mutation took us from single-celled organisms to being the dominant form of reproductive life on this planet. Infinite forms of variation with each generation, all through mutation." 

Friend trying to quote Guardians of the Galaxy

Friend: My metaphors are too fast I will reflex it.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" will conclude "First Class" trilogy.

In a new interview, Kinberg suggests the new film might be the end of that story. The writer and producer says the creative [team] is looking at X-Men Apocalypse as the conclusion of a trilogy that started with X-Men: First Class. He also says new characters like Cable, Scarlet Witch and Psylocke could appear…


Where were you, Charles?


the first time i remember laying eyes on midgard the people still lived in caves and fought one another with stones and sticks. i came here only to make war and revelry. to be worshiped and feared. and above all else — to destroy.

the world and it’s people have changed so much since then. have i?


charles looking after babbu wanda and pietro, and erik being aggressively in denial over how adorable he finds it - aka pretty much every cherik fix-it fic ever

wheels obscure details so lets just pretend charles managed to get his floaty chair like five decades early okay

the suit and i are one. big man in a suit of armour, take that away and what are you?

ok but look at these gifs slowed down



Sorry, I’m just not very good with violence.